Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring -- Weddings, Gypsies, & Mud

Spring has sprung here in upper Montana, bringing with it rain, rain, mud, and more rain.  It's the beginning of the wedding season, and the time when cute furry animals are born.  It's the time for gypsies to emerge from their trailers, armed with a winter's worth of arts and crafts, fortunes, and sales strategies.

Antelope -- Minutes Old

Miranda the Gypsy Mermaid

Miranda the Gypsy Mermaid rolled into Havre, MT and set up shop at Walmart.  I am quite sure that she is not a mermaid.  No, I did not see her legs, but a quick glance inside the van revealed no hand operated driver controls.  I'm not so sure about the Gypsy part either...I thought gypsies had to be Romanian or Irish, but maybe it's just a state of mind.  To each their own.  I suspect that the crowd that she attracts is as interesting as she is.

And finally, this photo by an unknown photographer which illustrates the perils of farming in NorthCentral Montana.

Monsters Be Here